White Star Line didn’t plan for a crisis – don’t let a lack of planning sink your business

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When you’ve got an unsinkable ship there’s not much point in planning what would happen if the ship did actually sink is there?

That’s what White Star Line thought when they launched the Titanic – what they failed to see on the horizon was the iceberg. Their lack of ability to access their risks and plan to mitigate against them cost thousands of lives.

If you want to know your top five reputational risks and have a plan in place to mitigate against those risks contact GLR Public Relations now.

We’ll give you the confidence you will do and say the right thing by your people, customers and suppliers to prevent a crisis, or manage one effectively, if the worst happens.

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65 per cent feel social media makes a crisis more difficult to manage but after a crisis 55 per cent believe it makes it easier to recover.

To help you get the right social media foundations in place we’re giving away a free social media guide to include in your employment terms and conditions.

It lets your brand ambassadors, or employees, know what is and isn’t OK in the virtual world and how you want them to talk about your company and its products and services.

To claim your free sticking plaster email us.

WARNING – a sticking plaster is just that, it won’t protect your reputation on its own.

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