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Home Office pushes for tougher EU migration rules
Financial Times- Helen Warrell, Henry Mance
An 82-page leaked Home Office document reveals Britain is developing strict, two-tiered EU-immigration post-Brexit policies with lower-skilled EU workers offered two years maximum and higher-skilled workers three-to-five year work permits.

Immediate end to free movement after Brexit
The Times- Sam Coates, Richard Ford
Leaked Home Office plans reveal Britain will introduce curbs on EU migrants immediately after Brexit, forcing all but the most highly skilled workers to leave after two years. Europeans without a job would be blocked from staying any longer than a few months after March 2019 while those intending to stay longer than six months could be required to complete a residence card which includes fingerprinting.

Brexit plan to curb EU migrants
The Daily Telegraph- Gordon Rayner, et al
Low-skilled EU migrants would only be allowed to work in the UK for up to two years before being sent home following Brexit in 2019, according to leaked Home Office documents. Ministers are also considering a “direct numerical cap” to reduce net migration down to the tens of thousands. Tension between the UK and EU is expected to flare-up on the news of EU citizens being downgraded to similar status of those from other countries.

Revealed: Tories’ Brexit plan to deter EU migrants from Britain
The Guardian- Nick Hopkins, Alan Travis
Britain is planning to restrict the free movement of labour following Brexit and deter all but the most highly skilled EU workers under a detailed, 82-page Home Office paper.

May gets ready to slam door on EU migrants
The Independent – Joe Watts
Home Office documents suggest that low-paid EU workers will be stripped of their freedom of movement rights post-Brexit with UK employers forced to recruit Brits to certain jobs.

Britain’s unfair economy
i (The paper for today)- Holly Williams
The Archbishop of Canterbury has warned that the UK’s economic model is broken with workers facing the longest period of wage stagnation in 150 years. The Rt Rev Justin Welby has called for “fundamental” social and industrial reforms to be made.

Brexit plan to end mass migration from EU
Daily Mail – Jack Doyle, Ian Drury
A leaked Home Office paper reveals that British bosses will be required to put British workers first following Brexit with the number of low-skilled EU workers to be slashed under plans to end mass migration.

Meghan and Harry: We are in love
Daily Express- Richard Palmer, Daniel Bates
Prince Harry’s girlfriend Meghan Markle has fuelled speculation of an engagement after revealing in a magazine interview that the pair are “two people who are really happy and in love.”

Worst nurse shortage ever
The Daily Mirror- Martin Bagot
The NHS is facing its worst-ever nursing crisis with 40,000 positions unfilled. Nurses’ leader Janet Davies has warned that patient safety is at risk while unions argue the shortage is due to low pay and relentless pressure.

Harry and I are a great love story
The Sun- Jack Royston
Prince Harry’s American girlfriend Meghan Markle has shared with Vanity Fair that her relationship with the prince is “a great love story.” Royal experts say Harry would have known of and approved of the magazine interview.

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