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Executives resist Downing Street’s ‘strong-arm’ bid for Brexit backing
Financial Times- Jim Pickard, et al
Downing Street has contacted executives from Britain’s biggest companies to say they support Theresa May’s EU strategy, despite many holding concerns over several aspects of the Brexit strategy.

Crackdown on university pay
The Times- Rosemary Bennett, et al
Universities minister Jo Johnson is to announce new pay reviews at today’s annual Universities UK conference. Any university paying its chief more than the Prime Ministers’ £150,000 per annum salary will need to submit a written explanation, justifying the level to a new watchdog, the Office for Students, or face penalties. Universities will also be required to publish details of all staff earning over £100,000.

May’s Brexit plans in disarray
The Daily Telegraph- Gordon Rayner, et al
Theresa May’s Brexit plans are said to be in disarray after Home Secretary Amber Rudd and First Secretary of State Damian Green reportedly expressed misgivings about strict plans to curb migration, including a two-year maximum for low-skilled EU workers.

New leak of Brexit papers reveals fissures between Britain and EU
The Guardian- Jennifer Rankin
Leaked documents reveal the EU is to publish five combative position papers in the coming days, directing the UK to work out “solutions” on issues such as Ireland’s border, the “continued protection” of special foods, VAT rules on goods in transit on Brexit day, a guarantee of EU data protection and asking Britain not to discriminate against EU companies on state-funded infrastructure projects.

Brussels lays out demands to break Brexit deadlock
The Independent – Jon Stone
EU negotiators are to release position papers today on a number of key areas, including the Northern Ireland border question, in an attempt to break the Brexit talk’s stalemate.

‘May God protect us all’
i (The paper for today)- Clark Mindock
The most powerful Atlantic storm, Hurricane Irma, struck islands across the Caribbean with wind speeds of up to 185mph yesterday, smashing buildings and causing flooding. Florida has declared a state of emergency as Irma travels towards the US mainland.

Doctors: We won’t take on any more patients
Daily Mail – Sophie Borland
A survey of 1,900 senior family doctors, conducted by the British Medical Association, has found that 54% are at breaking point and wishing to close their doors to new patients.

Proof statins can save your life
Daily Express- Giles Sheldrick
An Imperial College study has identified statins as being the quickest and safest way to lower cholesterol and ward off heart disease.

School bans skirts
The Daily Mirror- Martin Fricker
Parents are furious that Priory School in Lewes, East Sussex, has banned skirts and introduced a gender-neutral uniform, forcing girls to wear trousers.

Wazza off the razza
The Sun- Simon Royle
Wayne Rooney has vowed to rein in his boozy nights if wife Coleen cuts down on her holidays away.

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