It seemed like a good idea at the time…

By 31st March 2017Blogging

Last weekend I made sandwiches, a flask of sweet coffee, filled a water bottle, bought some donuts and jumped in the car with an excited seven-year-old and an even more excited Cocker Spaniel.

We parked by the Cow and Calf on Ilkley Moor and started the trek up the first hill, then up the second one to the pile of stones that walkers leave to mark their achievement.

After a sandwich, some coffee and a packet of crisps – all of which the Cocker Spaniel sampled – we decided to mix things up a bit and find a different route back to base.

As we were walking my daughter suggested we just climb down the rocks rather than carry on walking to find an easier route.

And it seemed like a good idea at the time.

My daughter went on ahead with enthusiasm, landing rather hard on her bottom at the first slightly tricky bit we came across.

Half an hour of legs disappearing down crevices, a whimpering dog who needed lifting from rock to rock and a gung-ho daughter, who became less enthusiastic and less gung-ho the further we got down, we had gone too far to turn back but things looked pretty tricky carrying on down.

There was a clue I should have picked up on in the handful of climbers with ropes, carabiners and soft shoes attempting a descent about 50 metres from us.

Luckily a very nice chap walking along the path at the bottom looked up and asked if we were OK – he helped us navigate a route down and caught me as I slid unceremoniously down a rock while my left leg remained resolutely stationery.

A cheery wave to the climbers, who looked at us like we were bonkers, some more coffee and a donut later and we were back at the car, all in one piece and feeling rather pleased with ourselves that we’d survived our little adventure.

And that would have been that apart from my daughters’ insistence on saying, very loudly, in company, for the rest of the weekend that her bottom hurt!

As I said, it seemed like a good idea at the time, and it was.

We had an adventure, we did something a little silly but survived and we were helped by a complete stranger, who wouldn’t have had the opportunity to be kind to us had we taken the sensible route down the hill.

I wonder what this weekend is going to bring…

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