Don’t do a Diane – know your risks and know your brief before you respond to a crisis

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If you’re responding to a crisis you need confidence you’ve got the facts, you’re prepared and you and your team will do and say the right thing when you’re under pressure.

Unlike Diane Abbott and her car-crash interview on LBC Radio when she explained the Labour Party policy to hire 10,000 additional policemen if it won the election, at a cost of £30 a year each.

GLR Public Relations offers crisis management planning, training and consultancy to give you confidence that you understand your reputational risks and that you will do and say the right thing by your people, customers and suppliers in the event of a crisis.

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65 per cent feel social media makes a crisis more difficult to manage but after a crisis 55 per cent believe it makes it easier to recover.

To help you get the right social media foundations in place we’re giving away a free social media guide to include in your employment terms and conditions.

It lets your brand ambassadors, or employees, know what is and isn’t OK in the virtual world and how you want them to talk about your company and its products and services.

To claim your free sticking plaster email us.

WARNING – a sticking plaster is just that, it won’t protect your reputation on its own.

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