Try and wing it in a crisis and you could be the next Dodo

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A third of businesses think they don’t need to prepare for a crisis and they’ll be able to wing it if they are required to respond to one.

That’s what the dodo tried to do but it’s wings didn’t work and it ended up extinct.

It’s not overstating the importance of planning for a crisis to say that if you don’t you could find your business or your career suffering the same fate as the dodo.

Tony Hayward, chief executive of BP told a reporter six weeks after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill that killed 11 people that ‘I’d like my life back.’ His career at BP, where he had been since leaving university, ended a few months later.

And Toyota took its eye off the quality ball when it expanded its operations outside Japan which resulted in hundreds of thousands of cars being recalled.

If you want to make sure your wings will work when required and give you and your team the confidence to handle a crisis contact GLR Public Relations for a crisis management plan that will make you fly.

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65 per cent feel social media makes a crisis more difficult to manage but after a crisis 55 per cent believe it makes it easier to recover.

To help you get the right social media foundations in place we’re giving away a free social media guide to include in your employment terms and conditions.

It lets your brand ambassadors, or employees, know what is and isn’t OK in the virtual world and how you want them to talk about your company and its products and services.

To claim your free sticking plaster email us.

WARNING – a sticking plaster is just that, it won’t protect your reputation on its own.

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