Today’s front page news – 10th July

May braced for backlash over historic repeal bill
Financial Times – Henry Mance
Theresa May is preparing to publish the most significant piece of Brexit legislation this week. She will pledge to embrace ideas from Labour to reinforce her premiership against rebellious MPs.

Weakened May pleads for support from rivals
The Times – Oliver Wright
Theresa May will appeal for cross-party unity tomorrow, as she faces a new “reality” as a prime minister without a majority. The Prime Minister will commit to being more open and conciliatory while calling on opponents to work together to shape a “better way forward” for post-Brexit Britain. She will also appeal to Labour and other parties to “come forward” with their own policy ideas.

May’s cry for help to Corbyn
The Daily Telegraph – Stephen Swinford
Theresa May is to ask Jeremy Corbyn for his support to deliver Brexit and push through other laws as she acknowledges the “reality I now face as Prime Minister”. In her speech tomorrow, Mrs May will appeal to her opponents to “contribute, not just criticise.” The speech will be her most significant since the election and is designed to redefine her leadership after disappointing at the polls.

May appeals to Labour for policy ideas
The Guardian – Rowena Mason
Theresa May will make an extraordinary invitation to Labour to help her formulate policies for a post-Brexit Britain as she attempts to overcome a plot to replace her as Tory leader. The Prime Minister will tomorrow seek to draw a line under a disastrous election result, arguing that her “commitment to change Britain is undimmed.”

The devastation: Mosul finally liberated from ISIS
The Independent – Patrick Cockburn
The historic city of Mosul in Iraq has been liberated after a nine-month battle. The victory by the Iraqi government and its armed forces is a revenge for the defeat they suffered there three years ago, when a few thousand lightly equipped Isis fighters defeated a heavily armed garrison of at least 20,000 men.

PM’s plea: Help me get Brexit right
i (The paper for today) – Unattributed
Prime Minister Theresa May has asked other parties to come forward with ideas and “contribute, not criticise”. She has shrugged aside calls to quit as Tory leader, claiming she has an “unshakeable sense of purpose.”

Charlie’s day of destiny
Daily Mail – Sam Greenhill, Alison Smith-Squire
Charlie Gard’s fate will be decided today, after a hearing in the High Court in London at 2pm. His parents made a last plea for their baby, who suffers from a rare genetic condition, to be given experimental treatment in a press conference yesterday. A 350,000-signature petition asked Great Ormond Street to stop insisting it would be kinder for Charlie to be allowed to die.

New way to halt diabetes
Daily Express – Laura Milne
A revolutionary new smartphone technology, which can measure blood glucose levels without puncturing the skin, has been hailed as the latest weapon in Britain’s diabetes crisis. The Epic Health app, which will undergo clinical trials in the UK in the coming months, could transform the lives of millions of diabetics and prevent others from developing the condition.

Our Charlie is still fighting & so are we
The Daily Mirror – Martin Bagot
Charlie Gard’s parents have made an emotional plea ahead of a today’s court hearing. They are requesting permission to take the terminally ill 11-month-old to the United States for experimental treatment as “there is nothing to lose”.

Give our Charlie a miracle
The Sun – Patrick Gysin
The parents of Charlie Gard have begged judges to let him go to America for “miracle” treatment. They spoke out ahead of a High Court hearing today, saying: “He deserves a chance.”

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