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Trump’s son welcomed offer of Russian help to damage Clinton

Financial Times– Demetri Sevastopulo, et al

An email exchange between Donald Trump Jr and Robert Goldstone shows the President’s son welcomed an offer of help from the Russian government to undermine Hillary Clinton’s election campaign.

Royal Navy mission fails to curb flow of migrants

The Times– Deborah Haynes

A combined Royal Navy / EU operation to breakup smuggling networks in the Mediterranean has failed, with more migrants dying at sea, according to a parliamentary report. The multi-million-pound tactic of destroying traffickers’ boats has instead caused migrants to take less-seaworthy vessels from Libya to the EU coast.

Trump Jr facing Russian ‘treason’ investigation

The Daily Telegraph– Nick Allen, Harriet Alexander

President Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr, has been accused of “treason” after emails exchanged between Trump Jr and Rob Goldstone revealed he was willing to accept Russian state assistance to influence the American elections.

Revealed: big tobacco’s dirty battle for the African market

The Guardian– Sarah Boseley

A number of multinational tobacco firms, including British American Tobacco, have allegedly threatened governments in at least eight African countries, making demands such as quashing anti-smoking regulations and tax plans that have saved millions of lives in the West.

Corbyn’s summer tour

The Independent – Joe Watts

Jeremy Corbyn will start a whirlwind tour over the next few weeks as his party anticipates a collapse of Theresa May’s administration.

Bad blood: PM orders inquiry into NHS deaths

i (The paper for today)– Paul Gallagher

Theresa May has called for an NHS investigation into the “appalling injustice” of some 4,670 British haemophiliacs who were infected with blood contaminated by hepatitis C and HIV during the 1970s and 80s.
Exposed: Shocking scale of hard-left bullying

Daily Mail – John Stevens

A cross-party report into the general election has found a tirade of abuse being directed at Tory MPs and candidates by a Left-wing hate mob, including racist graffiti and anti-Semitic attacks.
EU can whistle for our money

Daily Express– Macer Hall

Boris Johnson has told EU chiefs that they can “go whistle,” after they made demands for an “extortionate” fee of up to £85bn for the UK to leave the European Union.

Blunder docs sterilised me as I gave birth

The Daily Mirror– Louise Smith

Victoria Hutchinson claims she was sterilised without her consent after agreeing to a birth by caesarean at Lincoln County Hospital.

Menace of the exploding Argos table

The Sun– Daniel Jones

Argos has come under pressure to recall its glass-topped patio tables that have “exploded like bombs,” shattering in the hot weather as the glass expands and contracts.

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