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By 13th July 2017News stories

Watchdog raises concerns over pensions ‘drawdowns’

Financial Times– Josephine Cumbo

The Financial Conduct Authority is assessing the effects of the pension reforms and is ready to intervene if it considers savers to be paying too much or making unsuitable investments.

Google pays academics millions for key support

The Times– Mark Bridge, Tom Whipple

The Campaign for Accountability has found 329 pieces of academic research which was either directly or indirectly funded by Google since 2005. The US watchdog says British and American authors have received varied sums from $5,000 to $400,000 without disclosing Google’s funding in two thirds of cases.

Draw up your will in a text message

The Daily Telegraph– Olivia Rudgard

The Law Commission has branded the legacy system “outdated” and has called for will-writing laws to be relaxed, to allow notes, emails and voicemail messages to be used instead of a written will. Under the proposals, county and high court judges could determine “on the balance of probabilities” if a recording or note is an accurate summary of a person’s wishes.

Labour threat to defeat May on Brexit bill

The Guardian– Heather Stewart, Rajeev Syal

Labour has warned Theresa May that it would vote against her flagship “great repeal bill” on Brexit unless significant concessions are made. EU’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier has warned the UK that “the clock is ticking” on the two year negotiating time frame.
Brexit IT ‘horror’ puts £34bn border tax at risk

The Independent – Jon Stone

The National Audit Office has warned that the government’s post-Brexit IT customs system is at risk of becoming a £34bn “horror show” because the computer system may not be ready in time for Britain to leave the EU.

Pension victory for gay couples

i (The paper for today)– Cathy Gordon

A gay former soldier, John Walker, has won a landmark pension battle after Supreme Court justices ruled unanimously in his favour to secure his pension rights for his husband as any wife would receive in the event of his death.

The great ambulance betrayal

Daily Mail – Sophie Borland

Health chiefs are accused of risking lives by sending rapid response cars instead of ambulances to 999 calls. The cars are limited and can only carry patients who are well enough to sit in the backseat.

Britain’s wide open to illegal migrants

Daily Express– Giles Sheldrick

Migration Watch UK has warned that budget cuts and staff shortages have left Britain’s ports wide open to illegal immigrants who could slip in along the East coast.

British Navy… Swedish steel

The Daily Mirror– Ben Glaze

A furious union chief has slammed the government for sourcing 65% of the steel needed for eight new Navy ships from Sweden.

Give us hope Johanna

The Sun– Lauren Probert, Dan Sales

Britain is backing Johanna Konta’s Wimbledon march as she prepares to face Venus Williams in the semi-finals today following Andy Murray’s loss yesterday.

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