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By 14th July 2017News stories

London goes on offensive in effort to entice Aramco IPO

Financial Times– Caroline Binham, et al

Britain’s Financial Conduct Authority is planning to create a new category of rules within its “premium” listings to attract companies controlled by governments via curbing rigorous entry standards.

We’ll block Brexit laws, warn Scots and Welsh

The Times– Oliver Wright, Bruno Waterfield

Scotland and Wales joined forces yesterday, attacking the government’s draft laws for the so-called “Great Repeal Bill” by branding it a “naked power-grab” that undermined the principles of devolution. The Bill’s aim is to create the legal framework with which Britain can repeal the Act that took Britain into the EU in 1973.

Squeezing rich ‘harms economy’

The Daily Telegraph– Steven Swinford

The Office for Budget Responsibility says the proportion of income tax from the top one percentile has increased from 24.4% to 27.7% leaving the country overly-dependent on a small handful of workers and “vulnerable” to financial shocks.
PM’s EU repeal bill dismissed as ‘power grab’

The Guardian– Heather Stewart, et al

The Prime Minister appears to be heading for a constitutional clash after the Scottish and Welsh leaders said they could not support the key piece of legislation to extricate Britain from the European Union, “the Great Repeal Bill.”

‘Ripe for abuse’: Brexit bill lets ministers scrap rights without scrutiny

The Independent – Rob Merrick

Theresa May has been accused of attempting to create new powers which could see ministers work unhindered on EU employment and environmental protections in her newly published Repeal Bill. Campaigners have warned the Bill was “ripe for abuse.”

Revolt over Repeal Bill ‘power grab’

i (The paper for today)– Nigel Morris

Opposition parties, along with Scotland and Wales, have accused Theresa May of plotting a “power grab” as she published the legislation which forms the centrepiece of her Brexit plans, the Repeal Bill.
Heart attack? Wait longer for ambulance

Daily Mail – Sophie Borland

The 8-minute response time for 999 calls for patients suffering a suspected heart attack or stroke is to be scrapped and extended to 18 minutes. The changes come as the NHS re-classifies both conditions as not life-threating.

Statins: New health alert

Daily Express– Giles Sheldrick

A coalition of British and US experts state there is “no consistent evidence” that statins reduce deaths from heart disease. Instead they contend, they do more harm than good.

MPs to vote on Max’s law

The Daily Mirror– Ben Glaze, et al

Labour MP Geoffrey Robinson is to deliver a parliamentary Bill for an organ donation opt-out scheme which could save thousands of sick patients.

The Sun– Tom Wells, David Willetts

Families of soldiers killed in the Hyde Park bombing are angry after hearing that the prime IRA suspect, John Downey, received £50,000 in taxpayer funded legal aid – while their applications were ignored.

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