Is business vlogging the next BIG thing?

This month LinkedIn started to roll out native video via its mobile app to a small number of users. The expectation is that soon, the function to upload and share video content, will be available to all 15m UK users. The launch of native video on the platform points towards a potential trend currently being quietly spoken about, but quickly gathering interest – business vloggers.

We’ve seen a monumental rise in vloggers within B2C sectors such as beauty, travel and tech over recent years thanks to sites such as YouTube providing them with a platform. Comparatively, B2B has been less welcoming – business vlogging on YouTube can be perceived as a bit naff and low rent. However, on LinkedIn I can see how business vloggers could gain the credibility and attentive audience needed to be taken seriously.

LinkedIn was a relatively slow burn compared to Twitter and Facebook. At first few people really understood what its purpose was other than to serve as an online contacts book. Now, those savvy enough to take advantage, use it as a tool to sell their skills and experience to new employers and peers, gain business leads and insight via analytics and the premium service offering and use its publisher platform to become a thought leader and influencer.

Native video content will help the platform to take a step further and enable users to establish a more personal connection. What’s more, it’s believed that LinkedIn will share the data gained from video uploads such as number of views, likes and shares, but perhaps more importantly, job titles and the companies where the viewers work.

As the function rolls out I expect we’ll see a few, somewhat dodgy, videos doing the rounds – cheesy ‘David Brent-esque’ dialogue, poorly shot with bad angles and lighting – but as it gathers maturity and moves from novelty to standard I think the business vlogger will really come into its own on LinkedIn.

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