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By 11th August 2017healthcare

Joanne Gill has a latte (from Café Nero) with Nathan Bentley, Associate Solicitor and Head of the Dental Team at LCF Law in Leeds.

What does your week look like?

We’ve had three instructions this week so it’s a bit hectic, one came in just this morning. On Friday I’m off to watch the T20 cricket, we have a corporate box and it’s Yorkshire v Lancashire so should be fun. It’s a great opportunity for me to say thank you to a dental agent who refers business to us, he will be attending as my guest. I also get to meet local and national businesses who’ve been invited by my colleagues, this also provides an opportunity to network. Specialising in dentistry makes it easy to start a conversation because everyone has a dentist and a lot of people know one, or have one in the family.

What’s happening in the dental sector at the moment?

There’s a lot of activity, buying and selling and people buying multiple locations. Our client base tends to be individuals or partnerships and we’re expecting to see an upturn in activity in September as people return from their holidays. The leading banks are continuing to lend and it doesn’t seem that Brexit has had any impact on the dental sector.

What opportunities do you see in the sector over the next six months?

It’s really positive for LCF. We’ve spent the last twelve months building relationships with key contacts like Lloyds, Natwest, Santander, Barclays, HSBC, solicitors and other people who are working within the sector and it’s delivering leads for us. We’re also attending the Dental Showcase, Dentistry Show and the BDIA Show which gives us an opportunity to talk to people and make new contacts.

Is being a dental lawyer fun?

Yes it is, I come into work and I’m engaging with organisations like the NHS, Care Quality Commission and dentists who’ve been to medical school all over the world, many of our clients have received ‘Best Dentist of the Year’ and ‘Best Practice of the Year’. We’re dealing with businesses that have a multi-million-pound turnover and they’re providing a service that helps the general public, so it’s a great sector to be involved in. Not least because I get to meet a diverse range of people across many different sectors, like you (thanks Nathan) on a day to day basis. It’s also made me think more about raising awareness of things like oral cancer, I’ve had cancer in my family and I completed the London Marathon in 2013 to help raise awareness, we also have links with Yorkshire Cancer Research and we’re exploring how we can do more.

Starbucks, Costa or Waitrose coffee?

None of the above, I only tend to drink coffee when I’m meeting a business contact for one and there’s a Café Nero near the office – so it gets my vote and it’s a latte please.

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