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Provident’s market value slumps two-thirds in a day and chief exits
Financial Times- John Murray Brown
Provident Financial’s shares dropped 66% yesterday after it issued its second profits warning followed by the resignation of chief Peter Crook and revelations of investigations by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Europe under threat
The Times- Ben Trew, Tom Kington
Faiez Serraj, head of the United Nations-backed unity government based in Tripoli, has warned that Europe is at increasing risk from terrorists posing as migrants as tens of thousands of people are able to pass unvetted across open southern borders. His comments follow as Libya and Italy send an SOS to the rest of Europe over the migrant crisis.

EU law ‘binding after Brexit’
The Daily Telegraph- Steven Swinford, Gordon Rayner
Britain is to be bound by the European Court of Justice after Brexit if ministers accept key negotiations put forward in a document today. David Davis is to publish a position paper stating that while the UK will no longer be under the ECJ’s “direct” jurisdiction, existing arrangements, which refer disputes to the European court, will stand.

PM accused of U-turn over EU courts promise
The Guardian- Heather Stewart, Rowena Mason
Theresa May has been accused of climbing down on her Brexit demands after a new government paper appeared to leave open the possibility of the European Court of Justice having influence on British courts after Brexit.

May waters down pledge to ditch EU court
The Independent – Joe Watts
Theresa May appears to have reduced her strict opposition to the European Court of Justice’s role after Brexit with plans to be published today, stating Britain wants a deal that ends only the “direct jurisdiction” of the court without halting it outright.

Britain backs Trump’s surge in Afghanistan
i (The paper for today)- Josh Lederman
Donald Trump has recommitted the US to the war in Afghanistan ending his promise to remove American troops from the country which has seen 2,400 US soldiers die in the past 20 years. The President has declined to disclose how many troops will be dispatched to the area.

Princes: Moment Daddy told us Mummy was dead
Daily Mail – Rebecca English
Princes Harry and William reveal their reactions to first hearing the news of their mother’s death from their father, Prince Charles, and how they had to conceal their devastation in the face of extraordinary public grief in a BBC documentary scheduled for Sunday.

He was there for us
Daily Express- Richard Palmer
Prince Harry has praised the way his father, Prince Charles, cared for both he and Prince William in the immediate days following the tragic death of their mother.

Day dad told us our mother had died
The Daily Mirror- Victoria Murphy
Princess Diana’s sons, William and Harry, have spoken out about the devastating moment when they learned their mother had been killed.

Snorkel dad in Turkish hell jail for finding a few coins
The Sun- Ben Perrin
British dad Toby Robyns was arrested in Bodrum after finding a few coins while snorkelling on holidays. Airport staff state the coins are historical artefacts.

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