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Employers seek clarity on EU citizen rights as migration falls
Financial Times- Helen Warrell, et al
Employers have appealed to the government to clarity the status of EU nationals post-Brexit after ONS figures revealed net migration had dropped from 327,000 to 246,000 for the year.

Facebook publishes torture of migrants
The Times- Catherine Philip, Billy Kenber
Libyan gangmasters are using Facebook to broadcast the abuse and torture of migrants to try and extract ransom money from their families. The United Nations has condemned the technology giant for its irresponsibility over allowing the footage to be broadcast.

Driverless lorries to hit UK roads
The Daily Telegraph- Steven Swinford
“Driverless” lorries are to be trialled on UK motorways next year as part of an effort to cut congestion and emissions. Three lorries will travel in automated convoys and will be controlled by one driver in the lead vehicle who will operate synchronised braking and acceleration. The AA has warned the plans are a risk to motorists as the fleets, or “platoons,” will be around half a football pitch long.

PM under fire as student visa myth exposed
The Guardian- Heather Stewart, Jamie Grierson
A number of Conservative and opposition politicians have called on the Prime Minister to end her focus on overseas students after government statistics revealed that approximately 4,600 students attempt to stay in the UK each year after their visas expire.

May’s immigration target ‘fuelling toxic attitudes’
The Independent – Andrew Grice, Joe Watts
The government has been accused of fuelling a “toxic” anti-immigration atmosphere after a report found ministers have vastly overestimated the number of foreign students in Britain who overstay their visa.

Girls outshine boys to claim the new top GCSE grades
i (The paper for today)- Richard Vaughan
Sweeping reforms to the GCSE exams system has seen girls outperform boys with higher-than-expected numbers of students receiving the coveted grade nine results.

Motorway lorries without a driver
Daily Mail – Daniel Martin
Self-driving lorries, wirelessly connected up to move in convoy of three, are to be trialled on British motorways next year with the first lorry pushing air out of the way to make the other vehicles more efficient.

Migration slows after EU exit vote
Daily Express- Macer Hall
A surge in the number of EU nationals leaving the country following last year’s Brexit vote has seen net migration reduce to 246,000 for the year ending March 2017. Campaigners note the figure is still higher than the government’s annual migration target of fewer than 100,000.

Bank holiday travel nightmare
The Daily Mirror- Mark Ellis
Major rail works could see British roads clogged this bank holiday weekend as stations and lines shut.

Hospital ghouls bowed to Di’s body
The Sun- Mike Ridley
Prince Diana’s loyal driver, Colin Tebbutt, has revealed that a stream of strangers walked in to stare at Diana as she lay lifeless in a Paris hospital room and bowed to her corpse following the fatal car accident.

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