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May’s hopes for Tokyo dashed as Japanese hold back on trade talks
Financial Times – Robin Harding, Leo Lewis, George Parker
Japanese officials won’t rush into free-trade talks with Britain. Theresa May will discuss a deal when she meets Shinzo Abe, but Japan says its priority is negotiating with the EU.


It’s time to get serious, Brussels tells Britain
The Times – Oliver Wright, Francis Elliott, Sarah Collins
Michel Barnier, the EU’s chief negotiator, has warned Britain to start “negotiating seriously” as the stand-off over the Brexit divorce bill intensified. Barnier voiced frustration at the government’s “ambiguity” and the failure of ministers to publish a position paper on the UK’s potential financial liabilities. Brexit secretary David Davis called on the European Commission to show “flexibility and imagination” in this week’s discussions.

Britain’s fury at “unhelpful” Barnier
The Daily Telegraph – James Crisp, Peter Foster, Gordon Rayner, Ben Farmer
As a new round of negotiations began in Brussels, EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier has told Brexit Secretary David Davis that the UK needs to clarify its position and end “ambiguity” if it wants “serious” withdrawal talks. The Haltemprice and Howden MP responded by saying that Britain was ready to “roll up its sleeves” to get a deal.

Record calls to police over mental health
The Guardian – Vikram Dodd
The Metropolitan police received a phone call relating to mental health every five minutes last year. The Met, which is Britain’s biggest police force, handled a record 115,000 calls in which somebody is concerned about a person’s mental health in the last year: an average of 315 a day, or about 13 an hour. This shows the escalating level of demand caused by NHS services struggling to cope.

DWP spends £40m to contest disabled benefits
The Independent – Daniel Kraemer, Harriet Agerholm
Freedom of Information requests by The Independent have revealed that Ministers have spent almost £40m in an “appalling” attempt to stop sick and disabled people receiving the financial help they are entitled to. Taxpayers’ money has been wasted on fruitless legal battles to prevent vulnerable people receiving help.

i (The paper for today) – Unattributed
People are clinging to rooftops awaiting rescue and 30,000 people have had to abandon their homes after Texas was devastated by a “historic” tropical storm.

MPs’ anger as Christian girl forced into Muslim foster care
Daily Mail – Vanessa Allen, Eleanor Harding
MPs have demanded an urgent review after a “distressed” Christian five-year-old was forced to live with Muslim foster carers. Scandal-hit Tower Hamlets council placed the girl in two Muslim households in the past six months, against the wishes of her family. MPs said the five-year-old’s distress over her foster homes raised disturbing questions over the council’s decision to place an English-speaking Christian child in Muslim households.

New ibuprofen health alert
Daily Express – Mark Reynolds
Scientists have warned that arthritis sufferers who take the painkiller ibuprofen are at greater risk of high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke. New research has revealed that the drug increased blood pressure more than other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).

Statins halve risk of breast cancer
The Daily Mirror – Andrew Gregory
A 10-year study of a million women has found that statins may half the risk of breast cancer, as well as lowering mortality rates from the disease by 40 per cent.

Price war
The Sun – Dan Wooton, Simon Boyle
Katie Price kicked out husband Kieran Hayler after he refused to accept that his cheating had ended their marriage.

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