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Trump opens door to attack on North Korea after “H-bomb” test
Financial Times – Bryan Harris, Song Jung-A, Sam Fleming
President Donald Trump has stated North Korea’s actions are “hostile and dangerous” to the US. He has left open the possibility of a military attack against Pyongyang.


US threat to attack Kim after bomb test
The Times – Rhys Blakely, Richard Lloyd Parry, Tom Parfitt
North Korea has tested what it claimed was a hydrogen bomb that could be mounted on an intercontinental missile. Donald Trump has left open the option of a retaliatory strike against Pyongyang, with the Pentagon warning of a “massive military response”. He has also threatened to sever trade ties with China as the White House wrestles with how to respond to North Korea’s actions.

US warns it is ready to annihilate N Korea
The Daily Telegraph – Gordon Rayner
US Defence Secretary James Mattis has warned North Korea that it faces a “massive military response” that would be “overwhelming” if it threatens America or its allies. Mattis was speaking following a meeting with President Trump to discuss a military response after North Korea tested a hydrogen bomb. Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson warned Mr Trump that any military action against North Korea could provoke Kim Jong-un to “vaporise” the South Korean population in response.

Inquiries into custody deaths “failing families”
The Guardian – Vikram Dodd
An official report into deaths in police custody says families who have lost loved ones have been failed by the system. The report, ordered by Theresa May in 2015 while she was home secretary, recommends reforms to the police, justice system and health service. It is still unpublished, and some groups are warning that the government delay risks damaging public confidence.

Labour left’s plan to strengthen grip on power
The Independent – Ashley Cowburn, Joe Watts
Jeremy Corbyn’s allies are preparing a new deal to secure Labour’s left a place in future party leadership contests. Mr Corbyn’s supporters would make a key concession to their plan to change rules governing how MPs win a place on the leadership ballot. They will make a new offer that would see the nomination threshold for anyone wishing to enter a leadership contest lowered from 15 per cent of the party’s MPs and MEPs to 10 per cent.

North Korea’s “H-bomb” sends shock waves around the world
i (The paper for today) – Unattributed
North Korea has hailed the “perfect success” of its nuclear test explosion, which shook buildings in Russia and China. The United States has responded by warning of “annihilation options” and a massive military response.

£2,500 fine if you put too much in the bin
Daily Mail – Glen Keogh, Paul Bentley
Councils are threatening households who overload their bins with £2,500 fines and criminal convictions under anti-social behaviour laws. Businesses – even small businesses such as corner shops – are facing penalties of up to £20,000. Putting bins out too early or too late is also on the list of ‘offences’. Local authorities, keen to boost recycling rates and cut collections, are sending aggressive letters saying unless the offenders change their ‘unreasonable conduct’ they could be hit with a community protection notice.

War fear over nuclear blast
Daily Express – Mark Reynolds
The United States has threatened North Korea with “a massive military response” after it exploded a nuclear bomb. Pyongyang boasted it had tested a hydrogen bomb, a device 10 times more powerful than an atomic bomb. US Defence Secretary Jim Mattis warned of retribution for any attack on the United States or its allies

460 lives lost in donor laws scandal
The Daily Mirror – Andrew Gregory
Nearly 460 people died while waiting for an organ transplant last year. They may have been saved by changing the law so that people are assumed to consent to being donors after they die.

Wayne thinks it’s all over
The Sun – Richard Moriarty
Colleen Rooney stormed out on husband Wayne, talking their three children with her and spending the weekend with her parents. Wayne Rooney has told friends he thinks their marriage is over.

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