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May’s Brexit strategy hit by Juncker and hardline MPs
Financial Times- Jim Brunsden, et al
Theresa May’s Brexit strategy came under fire yesterday as European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker questioned the “stability and accountability” of David Davis and Tory MPs pushed for a hard Brexit.

Minister in firing line over MPs’ Brexit letter
The Times- Sam Coates, Henry Zeffman
Theresa May is being urged by pro-Remain Conservative MPs to sack Steve Baker, a minister in the Brexit department, and Suella Fernandes, an aide to the chancellor, who have been accused of supporting a letter designed to lock the Prime Minister into a hard Brexit.

The MP, the £100k gifts and the Brexit trade deals
The Daily Telegraph- Claire Newell, et al
Documents seen by the Telegraph reveal Northern Irish Democratic Unionist Party MP, Ian Paisley Jr, accepted two all-expenses paid trips for his wife and four children from the Sri Lankan government. The holidays, worth £100,000, were not disclosed in the Commons register of interests with Paisley Jr allegedly holding discussions with officials, with offers made to help the state broker an oil deal.

Exposed: ‘race bias’ in British justice system
The Guardian- Owen Bowcott, Vikram Dodd
Labour MP David Lammy has written a highly critical report suggesting statistics reveal discrimination against black and minority ethnics in the UK is worse than in the US in some cases and that prosecutions should be dropped or deferred because the criminal justice system is biased against them.

May appoints cronies in ‘sweeping power grab’
The Independent – Rob Merrick
The Prime Minister is poised to make an “unprecedented” move with a late-night Commons vote that would ensure the Conservatives have the ability to use so-called Henry VIII powers to make new laws.

i (The paper for today)- Danica Coto
An international alliance of French, British and Dutch rescuers have rushed aid to the Caribbean islands in the wake of Hurricane Irma which left at least 10 people dead and thousands homeless.

Don’t treat us with contempt!
Daily Mail – Jason Groves, Mario Ledwith
Brussels was accused of treating Britain ‘with contempt’ last night after European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker called Brexit Secretary David Davis “lazy and unstable,” while EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier viewed Davis as not “prioritising” the negotiations.

How to keep your brain sharp
Daily Express- Mark Reynolds
Some of the world’s top doctors have drawn up a new health plan, Life’s Simple Seven, listing out the seven steps to help stave off dementia, including a healthy diet and losing extra weight.

Navy’s dash to save 185mph
The Daily Mirror- Christopher Bucktin
Royal Navy ships have rushed to the Caribbean to help rescue Brits stranded by Hurricane Irma.

Irma hell Brits: Get us out of here
The Sun- James Beal
A Royal Navy task force was rushed to the Caribbean last night to help over 50,000 stricken Brits in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma’s devastating 225mph winds.

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