Interview on the go…with Dave Cockerham, founder of ixRM

By 15th September 2017Public Relations

This week we caught up with with Dave Cockerham, founder and director of ixRM for a coffee and a chat.

Dave CockerhamQ. Tell me more about ixRM – what do you do? 
We started in March this year but I’d been working on it for a while, I was contracting in London helping build an in-house CRM team, which took about a year until I managed myself out of a role. Then a chance meeting led to us winning a flagship client and that was the start of ixRM. We help our clients deliver exceptional sales results, a fantastic customer experience and smarter marketing to their customers through the implementation and effective use of CRM.

Q. Your philosophy is to help everyone you meet in business, what does that mean?
I’m a firm believer that by helping people and putting them in touch with people who can help them that it comes back to you and creates opportunities. I’m a member of Business Networking International and I’ve recommended one of our members, who specialises in car leasing, to ten contacts of mine. One of the other members saw what I was doing and recommended ixRM, so it works.

Q. What’s the next CRM/tech breakthrough that will transform the sector you work in?
Microsoft’s new enhancement to the Business Edition of Microsoft Dynamics 365, it’s due out in the next three to six months. So far, they have made their finance and operations package available to Small businesses through the Office 365 platform but soon Sales, Marketing and Customer Service will be available in the same way. It will transform the way companies work, from working across multiple platforms to manage resource, billing and relationships companies will now be able to manage it all on the same, integrated platform. It means companies will be able to manage customers, resources and link into billing in one place, it’s never been done before in the Microsoft Cloud and is pretty exciting.

Q. What has been your biggest learning since setting up your own business?
There’s quite a few. Don’t spend money in the wrong places. If you say you’re going to do something you must do it whatever it takes. Be organised and quote as accurately as you can, then stick to the price you’ve quoted.

Q. What five items, excluding family, couldn’t you live without?
Music, I love listening to music and was the lead singer in a band called Webley Tempest in Bradford, and I listen to the Final Countdown when I’m travelling to an important meeting.

My mobile, I am looking forward to the day when I do everything I need to do on one mobile device.

Coffee and my thermal mug to keep it warm on my walk to work.

My car, I love my car

Campo Viejo Temperanillo, my wife got me into drinking red wine and it’s my favourite

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