Interview on the go with…Manpreet Singh, Bobble Digital

By 6th October 2017The Press

In this week’s interview on the go we catch up with Manpreet Singh of Leeds-based Bobble Digital and learn about his childhood nickname and why he only drinks Mocha’s when it’s cold.

Q. The PPC and SEO market is quite crowded and a bit like a dark art to some, what exactly do you do for your clients?

It depends on the client, the product or service and sector and industry. Our aim is to drive quality traffic to their website to reduce bounce rates and improve conversion rates. Some clients just do PPC some just do SEO, but our advice is always to have an integrated approach because it improves performance.

Q. I’m often approached by overseas companies offering their services, what is the benefit of working with a company that is Leeds-based and why Bobble Digital?

One thing you’ve got to consider with outsourcing abroad is the service levels. If we need to react or adapt a campaign we’re able to do it straight away, we are in the same time zone and we can meet people face to face. So, if you’re working with a travel business on a flight promotion and there is a plane crash you need to respond to it immediately – if you can’t get hold of the agency you’re working with because they are asleep you could create a PR issue if you’re promoting cheap flights alongside a story about a plane crash. Why Bobble, because we’re reactive in real time, people can get hold of us and build a relationship with us, which helps understanding, improves the campaign performance and we’re competitively priced.

Q. What is your top tip for someone designing a new website?

Usabilty is key, there is no point designing a website people find difficult to navigate around. We’re working on a couple of projects now where we’re making it easier for people to log into services, consumers don’t want to waste time, they want to be able to do everything straight away, if you don’t keep up and make the customer journey quick and easy your bounce rate will be higher and your sales lower. So, make it easy to navigate with good usability.

Q. Where did the name Bobble Digital come from?

My nickname used to be Bobble when I was at school. When I was thinking of an agency name a friend said why don’t you call it Bobble Media. I didn’t want to be just media so Bobble Digital popped into my head. It’s a good, unique name, I like it, and so do my clients, some of them even send me emails saying Hi Bobble when they know the story.

Q. Waitrose, Café Nero or Starbucks coffee?

It has to be Starbucks, a mocha from Starbucks. When I’m at the station early in the morning and travelling it warms my hands up and is the lovely sugary combination of coffee and chocolate, but it’s not good for my diet. And I’m a seasonal coffee drinker. I like it in the Autumn and Winter because it warms me up. I never get a coffee in the summer, I like a cold drink when it’s hot and a hot drink when it’s cold.


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