Interview on the go…Sarah Learoyd, director of GLR Public Relations

By 15th December 2017The Press

Today we speak to Sarah Learoyd, director  at GLR Public Relations for penultimate Interview on the Go of 2017…


Q. What’s the best thing about working at GLR Public Relations?

Some PR agencies are rigid and slow to change, but GLR Public Relations is forward thinking and willing to evolve.

Personally, I’ve never felt more valued as a team member.

Q. What is your proudest PR achievement?

To my friends – who really don’t understand what I do – they’d say it’s when I had a headline used on Have I Got News for You. It was in the guest publication of the week. Bulk Solids Today magazine, just in case you’re interested.

Q. We all know clients can be challenging, what would you say is the worst experience you’ve ever had with a client?

One of the worst experience I ever had wasn’t from a client though – although I’ve had a few moments with them – instead it was with a journalist when I was a junior.

He worked on national and I spoke to him every week for a technology column and I was working for a technology retailer. He took my copy and pasted it word for word, I always supplied everything ahead of deadline, arranged exclusive product samples and I was always polite and professional with him.  But, every time we spoke it was a trial. He once was on the toilet while we spoke…I heard everything. Everything. Including the flush.

He once told me to go kill myself. To this day have no idea why. Made inappropriate comments. Worst still, he would only deal with me and every week he got worse.

Nothing I did made a difference and I worked for an agency who really didn’t want to deal with it. I was junior and really not experienced enough. I can’t tell you how happy I was when he retired and I left the agency.

Q. What is your favourite hobby and why?

Croatia 1I have a handbag addiction, although I’m not sure you can class that as a hobby. I do absolutely love travelling, despite not doing as much as I would like. It’s pretty much the only time I completely switch off and a time I get to read, not for work, but for pleasure. And in recent years when I go away I’ve got my sea legs and started to sail. The dream is to buy a beautiful sail boat of my own, a yacht if I win the lottery, and island hop. I visited Croatia and Bosnia in the summer and it’s perhaps one of the most stunning places I’ve ever visited.

Croatia 2

Q. Name one thing you couldn’t live without – excluding your family.

My car. I’m not great on public transport. I get lost, I can’t read a bus time table and I like my own space so I drive a lot.  This year I upgraded my little green Mini with a new soft top version and it’s the best thing I’ve ever bought. You might get messy hair and runny mascara, but there are few feelings better than driving with the roof down…although I forget people can hear me singing along to the radio and criticising their driving.

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