Don’t kill your chances for PR success


The success of a PR relationship begins with the brief. Some PR briefs are excellent – considered, thorough and realistic. These are in the minority.

Most PR briefs raise more questions than they answer.

Often, the PR brief is written by a non-PR person – maybe someone skilled in other marketing disciplines, but with no direct experience of PR, or perhaps someone in procurement or sales.

And more often than not, the brief is written in a rush – especially if PR is being bought as a distress purchase when the brand faces an immediate reputation problem.

Then there are the briefs that really aren’t briefs, but rather extensive shopping lists without any indication of objectives, background, expectations or budget.
There are hundreds of guides available to help brands write a killer PR brief – all say how important it is to get the most out of your PR spend. But none mention another reason why the PR brief is so important…a bad PR brief is likely to turn off any agency worth their salt.

Pitching for business costs agencies time, money and resource – why are they going to waste that on a brief that’s uninspiring and unfathomable.

Don’t ruin your chances for PR success before it’s even started.

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