A little more about us

Our experience means we’re experienced. We’ve been journalists, in-house PRs, part of big agencies and yes, even in your shoes as clients too. Our experience also meant that when we set up our own agency we wanted to do something different. We wanted to do it all better.


With us you will always get senior PRs. We won’t palm you off with a junior and charge you eye-watering fees. With us you’ll always get access to a wide network of experienced freelancers who can join the team as and when needed. And with us, you’ll always get straight talking support that delivers results, makes you feel brave in a crisis and proud during a campaign.


Yes, it’s an approach that’s raised eyebrows in PR, but it’s also one that’s resulted in 100 per cent of our clients willing to recommend us and them calling us their secret PR weapon.

What you can expect from GLR Public Relations

01. EQ+IQ

We combine business smarts and emotional intelligence to create stories that touch your audience on an deeper level.

02. Do it well

If we can’t do it well, we simply don’t do it. Success is what drives us, not disappointment.

03. Fit to collaborate

We work with our clients not for them, their success is our success and if a business isn’t able to collaborate it’s not fit to be our client. We feel it’s best to get this out of the way up front. It avoids those awkward conversations further down the line.

04. We, our people

We’re all people, not robots, and we demand professional respect and openness from our colleagues and our clients.

05. Integrity

We are trusted by our clients. After all their reputations are in our hands.

Our work

Case studies


Case study: Christmas Cavity Campaign

What weighs the same as 20,000 reindeers? The amount of sugar the UK munches through during Christmas lunch and our campaign for client, mydentist, to raise awareness of the impact sugar has on dental health...


Case study: The signs of success

Making your first million pounds, driving a sports car or owning multiple properties - what are the signs you've made it? We asked 2,000 Brits on behalf of the 8th largest accountancy firm, Mazars LLP to understand how they could get closer to their customers...


Crisis management - The Sun and a one hour deadline...

The Sun newspaper put an undercover reporter in the operation of a long-standing client. The findings of the journalist could have been hugely damaging. What's more, the newspaper gave us one-hour to respond...


Crisis management - On and Off The Record...

When a consumer called a radio station phone-in segment to complain about a client we heard about it very shortly afterwards, along with the journalist’s promise to follow up the story once he received a response from the company that was the subject of the complaint...


Crisis management - controlling what's printed...

When the chief executive and finance director left a business after a confrontational board meeting we were the first people outside the room to receive a call. The news could not be in the public domain before the solicitors had completed their paperwork and replacements had been appointed...


Crisis management - a serious case of damage limitation...

A consumer-facing client had advance notice of a very reputationally damaging issue that was being led by a regulatory body and asked for our help to manage the process and limit the reputational damage...


Stop the press!

Five months ago we helped our client, Dental Directory, launch its first magazine called Discover. And it's doing brilliantly - landing on the doorsteps of 12,000 dental practices in the UK.


Meet the team

Joanne Gill

Jo heads up the GLR team and specialises in understanding client needs to deliver bespoke programmes, from internal messaging workshops and crisis management training to proactive PR campaigns that promote businesses, enhance reputations and provide a tangible return on investment.

She is also a good person to have on your team in a crisis, guiding brands and businesses through anything from regulatory action and how to respond to criminal activity to consumer complaints and office closures or mass redundancies.

She worked as a journalist for FT Business and the Yorkshire Post and wrote for The Sunday Times, The Telegraph and The Guardian. She has worked as an in-house PR for HBOS, the Department for Work and Pensions, the Department of Health.

Sarah Learoyd
Account director

Sarah has a really impressive track record in public relations, she’d never tell you that herself, but she’s managed high profile campaigns across print, broadcast and digital media during a career that’s lasted more than ten years in some of the region’s largest agencies.

She’s the ideas person, the one that injects creativity, brings a fresh perspective and delivers results regardless of brief, objective or situation, she makes the whole operation tick through meticulous planning and dedication.

And her dedication has paid off, it’s seen her deliver award-winning campaigns for the British Army, the BBC, Hilton Hotels & Persimmon Homes. Her success lies in her passion for PR and treating every business she represents like she would her own.

She’s also very funny, but she wouldn’t tell you that either!